Why Buyers Love Simple Websites and 5 Ways You Can Give Them What They Want

In the first days of the Internet, simplicity was everywhere. Because simple text on simple pages was a magnificent technological achievement all by itself, not to mention all that was really possible, a “good” website had little more than a headline, a few paragraphs, and maybe a picture or two.

Of course, all of that changed in due time, and business website started to feature new design elements like music, animation, banner ads, flashing text, and a dozen other tools to grab your attention. Despite the fact that web designers are now limited more by their imagination than by technology, however, a funny thing has happened along the way: “Simple” has come back into style.

The change has largely been customer-driven. People simply don’t have the time they used to have to go through search engine results and endless numbers of web pages. They want to locate what they’re looking for quickly and move on to the next thing. A complicated website is simply too much of a distraction, which means it’s bad for your bottom line.

Additionally, large numbers of buyers are now coming to the Internet via smart phones, tablets, and other Web-ready mobile devices. Complicated websites don’t translate well to these mediums, which means customers could click elsewhere because they can’t read your pages.

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With that in mind, here are five ways to give your customers the simple websites they really want:

1. Put separate ideas on separate pages. Don’t let your pages go on and on; instead, make sure that each one has its own idea. If you need to emphasize another product or concept, put it elsewhere.

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2. Use a clear navigation structure. A simple menu showing visitors where they are, and how to get anywhere else in your site, is a good idea. As a rule of thumb, it should never take more than two or three clicks to reach any point on your business website.

3. Ditch the Flash video and other gimmicks. Not only are these difficult for mobile users to access, but they tend to be bad for your search engine visibility.

4. Keep your copywriting to the point. Anything that isn’t a benefit to your buyer or a reason to buy from you probably doesn’t have to be on the page. Edit your writing down, and you’ll have crisper, more effective landing pages.

5. Give each page a quick call to action. Ask visitors to your website to take a simple action, rather than leaving them guessing about what you hope they’ll do.

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Edward R. Kundahl, Ph.D., M.B.A.
BusinessCreator, Inc.

Why Buyers Love Simple Websites... and 5 Ways You Can Give Them What They Want
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Why Buyers Love Simple Websites... and 5 Ways You Can Give Them What They Want
"Simple" has come back into style. A complicated website is simply too much of a distraction, which means it's bad for your bottom line.
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BusinessCreator, Inc.
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