Boost Traffic and Online Authority with Press Release Marketing

Press releases are dead – traditional press releases, that is. But press release distribution as an online marketing strategy is alive and kicking. Done right, online press release marketing has the potential to dramatically increase traffic to your website while boosting your online reputation and authority.

Digital marketing and seoPrior to the information age, businesses used press releases to communicate with the media. Today, businesses also use online press releases to reach potential customers since they’re highly visible in search engine results and on news websites. That means you’re not only writing press releases for journalists to see – you’re also writing them directly to the people who buy your products/services.

Boost Search Engine Visibility and Traffic

Today, the goal of press release distribution is not to get mainstream media attention. Coverage from the media outlets is an added perk, but unless the topic of your press release is extraordinary, don’t expect it to make headlines. The true benefits of distributing press releases online are getting a boost in search engine visibility and driving more targeted traffic to your website.

Get More Links and Leads

If your press release gets picked up by other websites, you’ll get more backlinks. And the more backlinks there are circulating around the web, the more your website’s search engine rankings will improve and the more exposure your business will get. Press release distribution also helps to increase brand awareness and build your business’s reputation.

Attain Expert Status

Press releases position you as an authority in your field, and being seen as an industry expert is important because it builds customer trust. It’s also beneficial when the media considers you an authority because they’ll call you anytime they need a quote for a story about your industry.

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Tips for Getting the Best Results from Your Press Release Marketing Efforts

To maximize the exposure and effectiveness of your press releases, consider the following advice:

Don’t write only for SEO

When you write and distribute an online press release, don’t make the mistake of writing solely for the search engines. Optimizing your press releases for SEO is an important aspect of online press release distribution, but ultimately, you need to write press releases with your readers in mind. That means the topics of your press releases must be newsworthy. Thinly veiled sales pitches aren’t well-received.

Give something away

Give readers a reason to click on your link and visit your website by offering them a free trial, white paper, report, webinar, or other freebie.

Optimize your press releases for target keywords

Use target keywords in strategic parts of your press release, such as its title, description, subheads, and body. Avoid overdoing it with the keywords, however, so your press release doesn’t read unnaturally.

Add keyword-rich links

Include at least one link to an important page of your website using keyword-rich anchor text. Links with keyword-rich anchor text help to improve your website’s search engine rankings.

No matter what industry you’re in, you can benefit from online press release marketing. And as long as your business continues to do newsworthy things, such as release white papers, launch new websites, host contests, or offer discounts, you’ll never run out of topics to write press releases about.

To get help optimizing, writing, and distributing press releases, please contact us for more information about our press release creation and distribution services.

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Boost Traffic and Online Authority with Press Release Marketing
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Boost Traffic and Online Authority with Press Release Marketing
Online press release marketing has the potential to dramatically increase traffic to your website while boosting your online reputation and authority.
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