The Best Way to Counter Bad News Online

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, there’s negative information floating around on the Internet about your business. It could be that you ran into a customer that you just couldn’t please, that a transaction didn’t go the way it was supposed to, or even that you took over a business from someone else that wasn’t as focused on customer satisfaction as you are.

Whatever the reason, when you come upon bad news about your company online, there are three definite actions you should take as quickly as possible:

First, remove as much of the negative info as possible.

How much of this you’ll be able to take away depends a lot on the website it’s on, how accurate the information is, and who posted it in the first place. Still, it’s worth writing a quick e-mail to see if you can have it taken down, or at least get a chance to present your side of the situation.

Next, apologize publicly and make an offer to set things right.

It doesn’t matter whether the bad news has come from one angry customer or one thousand; find out what you can afford to do to make things right, and then take steps in that direction. The point is to make the solution just as public as the problem was. In fact, you might even want to post an online press release just to show that you’re taking customer satisfaction seriously.

Finally, try to combat negative information online by replacing it with positive reviews and feedback.

Just as in sports, where the best defense is usually a good offense, the one thing you can do to mitigate the effects of poor reviews is gather lots of better ones. Don’t just resolve not to have any more public problems going forward – make sure you’re constantly announcing all of the good things your business is doing on the Internet.

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Having bad news about your company show up on major search engines and elsewhere can put a big damper on sales, online and off. This process of undoing the damage takes time, but it’s well worth it when you consider the thousands upon thousands of new customers who might read about your company on the Internet and decide whether or not you’re worth buying from.

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The Best Way to Counter Bad News Online
When you come upon bad news about your company online, there are three definite actions you should take as quickly as possible.
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