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Beating the Competition with Local Search Engine Optimization

BusinessCreator, Inc. Announces the Launch of WebCreatorPlus Upgrade Service

Press Release – Allentown, PA – United States – Tuesday, September 29, 2015 –

BusinessCreator, Inc., an established leader in local search marketing, mobile marketing, social marketing and video marketing, today announced the launch of WebCreatorPlus Upgrade, a service created to add new features to an already feature-rich service to help our clients dominate local search

According to BusinessCreator, Inc. President Edward Kundahl, the WebCreatorPlus Upgrade service will be available for purchase on September 29, 2015 and will be available by calling 855-943-8736 or emailing us at

“We are including two very powerful components for local search marketing in every new WebCreatorPlus custom WordPress websites we build,” said Kundahl. “Reputation marketing and monitoring and citation building and monitoring are extremely important components of getting found, especially in light of the new reduced Google 3-Pack in local search display.”

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Optimize Your Web Pages and Listings for Local Search

Your landing pages should clearly state your locality in the titles and content. If you are the best chiropractor in San Diego then your meta data should reflect that so search engines know your website should be in search results for online searches on the “best chiropractor in San Diego” no matter the search engine. Get ahead faster by working on your on-page ranking elements and including your city and state in your landing page title, H1 tag, title tag, meta description, and landing page URL. Each of your locations should have its own dedicated landing page with address and neighborhood information if you have more than one location in your city.

Your website is not the only place you need to optimize or local search. Your business listings, most importantly Google and Yelp, allow you to input a lot of information including descriptions, keywords, categories and images. Images help you rank high and appear on local image searches that feature local businesses that match search inquiries. Make sure your description content is optimized for local search and your locality is in the ALT tag of your images.

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Be Mobile Friendly

More people are now searching on mobile devices than on desktops. If your customers are mobile, your business needs to be mobile or you just won’t get found. If you don’t use Google Webmaster and don’t know if your site is mobile friendly, find out right now! Maybe a third party developed your site years ago or you just don’t use Google Webmaster because this all seems to high-tech for a low-tech business owner. That is okay because even if you don’t have a Google account you can easily find out if your website is mobile friendly using Google’s free Mobile-Friendly Test and learn how to get it ready if it’s not with their Webmaster’s Mobile Guide.

Google’s Mobile-friendly Test Report
BusinessCreators Google Mobile-Friendly Test Report

When someone visits your website on their phone, what do they see? Mobile users expect all websites to be optimized for their device and if it doesn’t load properly they will just move on to a website that does and never return to yours. There are conversion platforms that will create a mobile version of your desktop site and your CMS has mobile plugins that can make your website mobile friendly so there is no excuse not to be. But the best solution is to deploy a mobile-first strategy using responsive web design practices that prioritizes what content goes on your website and optimizes the mobile user experience.

Get More and Better Customer Reviews

With Google customer reviews are a key ranking signal as Google strives to give you the most relevant and useful search research. This is especially true for local searches that show up on page one of search results pages and is a main feature of mobile search results. Most consumers are searching online for local businesses, and many of them are doing it from their mobile phone. Increase your visibility and raise your ranking in search results by consistently collecting positive reviews on places like Google My Business and Yelp and you can dominate the top of search engine result pages by generating fresh user-generated content.

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Customer Reviews

Gathering reviews from your current customers’ needs to be an ongoing activity. Good reviews are so vital to the success of your business that any marketing plan for your business that does not include a highly active review management routine isn’t much of a marketing plan. Staying on top of your online reputation and customer reviews is a time consuming activity that BusinessCreator can process and build you a 5-Star online reputation with our Local Reputation Report. BusinessCreator’s Local Reputation Report software provides a free report on your customer’s reviews, posting the best reviews online and poor reviews on your company. Check out BusinessCreator’s customer reviews and additional reputation services.

Business Listings and Citations are Important

In local search consumers are looking for businesses and services close to them, not just in their city so it’s important that your citation data to include your complete physical address. Being consistent and thorough with your NAP (name, address, and phone) business listings ensures that customers who are trying to find you will know exactly where you are located and how far away you are because your information is clear across the Web, on maps and in mobile apps.

Unstructured citations are references to your business name and city in non-directory places like articles, blogs and other online content. As part of your content marketing efforts include local content as often as possible. Also try to get your business name mentioned with your target city in the content of authoritative sites to improve your local ranking. An example of this would be to get in an article of “the best of your city” for your local major network affiliate.

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There are hundreds of places that your business NAP can show up online and be indexed by search engines. Some listings you’ve probably created without even realizing it. You should know what is listed where and make an effort to make sure your information is uniform across the board so search engines and search engine users are clear on who you are. The best Listing Management service providers can take all the work out of maintaining your business listings with a cost effective service that lets you control all of your business listings from a single source you control and updates you when your business is listed on a directory.

When you think of your website as another business location you can see the importance of local search and optimizing for customers using local search. Local search engine optimization helps customers looking for your products and services find you fast and find you first. If you aren’t showing up first in local search results then it’s time to get to work.

Edward Kundahl, Ph.D., M.B.A.
BusinessCreator, Inc.

Ed can be reached at (or visit his websites)
855-943-8736 ext. 101


Beating the Competition with Local Search Engine Optimization
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Beating the Competition with Local Search Engine Optimization
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