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Why should I use articles for marketing my business online?

Articles sometimes seem to be a little bit old school for people when the first look at online marketing. However, articles are very powerful when it comes to getting your business found and getting your information found online. They are search engine friendly, but even more power than that, is the fact that a lot of times people go on article sharing sites, looking for content for their newsletters and online e-magazines. When you post an article, if you’ve done a great job of writing it, and it’s great content that people will find interesting, those people with those e-zines or those newsletters will take your content and put it into their newsletter. When they do that, it send them to the entire body of the article, then they can see your website and your link and it increases the exposure of your business online. Article marketing is a very good addition to any type of marketing campaign you have online.

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Why should I use articles for marketing my business online?
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