A Different Type Of Marketing Platform For Law Firms

Attorneys have a notoriously difficult time getting their names out there. From a marketing perspective, successfully marketing a law firm and building a brand is a logistical nightmare. People frequently have trouble with name recognition, do not fully understand why they should hire an attorney, and do not know where to start when looking to hire an attorney. Furthermore, many potential clients do not know if they can trust an attorney as they are unfamiliar with attorney-client privilege. To overcome these marketing hurdles, attorneys need to go a step further. Instead of investing in a billboard, invest in a custom mobile app.

Mobile App Marketing

Let potential clients know who you are

All types of marketing should add some value for a potential client. These can include entertainment, disseminating useful information, and connecting a potential client with the right service provider. A mobile app can have the following features to provide value for potential clients, build brand recognition, and help law firms grow:

  • Podcasts where attorneys answer legal questions from live callers, emailed questions, or discuss legal topics. Podcasts can give a broad potential client base the opportunity to get to know you and understand what you do. In addition, having an archive of podcasts can help potential clients connect with you and your brand. Instead of being the face on the billboard, be the knowledgeable, engaging, and approachable personality behind podcasts that people can listen to on their mobile devices.
  • A consultation form can help you quickly determine whether or not a person’s legal needs are within your scope of competency. For example, you can quickly offer referrals for clients who could better benefit from a different attorney that specializes in a different type of law or practices in a different jurisdiction.
  • One-touch communication can allow a potential client to instantly connect with you either via phone or email. Once a potential client thinks you might be the right attorney to work with, making initial contact as easy as possible can be invaluable.
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Get creative and let your practice thrive

Today, law firms face many challenges. People do not understand exactly how hiring an attorney could be of tremendous benefit in both criminal and tort law cases. Furthermore, the process of hiring an attorney can appear daunting. Build a brand and trust with a mobile app that is customized to meet your unique needs. Provide value to potential clients before they contact you. Put yourself a step ahead of the competition with a custom mobile app, and let clients feel like they know and trust you before they need urgent legal assistance.

Edward Kundahl, Ph.D., M.B.A.

Ed can be reached at (or visit his websites)

A Different Type Of Marketing Platform For Law Firms
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A Different Type Of Marketing Platform For Law Firms
To overcome typical marketing hurdles attorneys face, they need to go a step further. Instead of investing in a billboard, invest in a custom mobile app.
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