8 Tips for Lawyers for Facebook Marketing

After Google search, the next most powerful marketing tool is Facebook. These days having a strong presence on Facebook ultimately pays off. No matter which business you are in, applies to law firms even, it is of great benefit to use Facebook as a medium for online marketing. Following 8 marketing tips will guide you in boosting your business on Facebook.

Many law firms might already have a Facebook page but that does not mean that they are doing good business. Our following 8 tips will make sure that when you make a page for your own law firm, you actually get to market it well online.


Increase the audience of your page with Likes

Facebook likes play a very important role in promoting a page or its posts.

  • This is because only the people who like a page get to see its posts and share it ahead.
  • Number of likes are directly linked to a business’ credibility. General perspective is that the more reliable a business is, the more likes it will have.

However, it is not easy to build up the page likes and take them up to thousands. You will have to put in a lot of hard work. Constant presence and posting play an important role too.

Another technique that you can use is to run ad campaigns for your page. There is an option on Facebook, where you pay it to promote your page. This can be of great value where just by spending a few bucks you can build up likes and your business eventually. Once you have crossed the barrier of first few thousand likes, your business will be out on the roll in no time. So spend money to save yourself time.

Don’t turn your page into a ghost town

Share frequently on your page. Don’t abandon it to make it go unnoticed and also don’t overdo it to annoy people and make them “unlike” it. Share but in moderation. One or two posts a day with recommendation will work just fine. You can also schedule the same posts to be posted on Twitter and LinkedIn at the same time as well to increase your audience.

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Sharing posts help you stay active on Facebook and alive in their newsfeed.

Post relevant stuff

Make sure that the posts you share have some relevance to them. Share meaningful stuff that will help you connect with your audience and make them take you seriously.

Irrelevant stuff will create a bad impression for you and they will start taking your posts less seriously. You don’t want that to happen. So the posts you share are like cards of poker. Play them right.

To give you an example, to promote your law firm and boost its business post about laws that affect the general public, share photos and videos about your firm, important quotes or stuff from the blog you are maintaining. All these relevant posts will boost your business.

Promote your best posts

Since Facebook is limiting audiences to posts, even the ones who have liked it may not get to see it .For this purpose, it helps to promote your page. The post that received a really good response from the audience, “boost” it to promote your page.

When you boost a post, you can target a certain set of audience based on age, location, interests and much more. This makes you market your page to the target clients. This is a very effective marketing technique and costs you less than using Google Adwords.

Post images for better interaction

Images reach a wider audience than words in plain texts. Images with meaningful backgrounds and bright colors tend to attract more than simple words written in text form.

When scrolling down the news feed, people react more to an image than plain text. Images get a better response and help you get what you want; likes, shares, traffic on blogs. So when out marketing, play with the psyche of the people. Post as many images you can to promote your page. In fact, try to support all your written content with an image to attract the audience.

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Use Insights and audience

For any business, it helps a great deal to know its target audience and people who are responding to it.

For this Facebook has this new inbuilt feature of “insights and audience” for your page. It helps you understand your audience with the help of demographics and charts. Based on age, location, country Facebook pulls out stats for you to understand the audience you page is attracting.

It is also a good way to analyze which post got the best response, who are the people liking it, the growing trend of your page etc.

This is a huge project that Facebook invested in to collect data and stats for everything. This data, it collects, can also be used by us for marketing and reach out purposes.

Retargeting website audiences

Every time someone visits a page, a cookie is stored in their browsers allowing you to follow them again. You can retarget your websites visitors by making sure that an ad for your website appears on their page every time they log in. There is a chance that because they visited your site, they will like your Facebook page as well.

As per a survey, retargeted audiences give better responses than the fresh ones. This is because they already had an interest in your field to have visited your site so they have more chances of liking your page than anyone else.

Measure the marketing results

After all these efforts, Facebook might give you ideas of likes and your target audience but it will not help you find out that exactly how many of them converted to real clients. You should be using your law firm’s CRM system instead of an excel to record down where all your clients are coming from.It will help you understand better and better calculate that among the people who liked your page, exactly how many contacted your law firm to become your client.

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So it is better to use these tools from time to time to get a better idea about the revenues you have generated through Facebook marketing, new clients you were able to attract and your overall ROI.


These aforementioned 8 tips are surely going to help you in turning your business around. With these tips you are in for using the second most powerful medium for the marketing of your law firm and for attracting more clients.

Facebook marketing is a time taking process. It has billions of users that can are your target audience. Work right to make it right. Rome certainly wasn’t built in one day. In the same way, Facebook marketing is not going to bring up results in one day as well. It will take time and patience. You would need a certain strategy and planning to make it work.

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8 Tips for Lawyers for Facebook Marketing
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8 Tips for Lawyers for Facebook Marketing
Our following 8 tips will make sure that when you make a page for your own law firm, you actually get to market it well online.
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