7 Steps to Google Domination

If you plan on making money from your website – whether it’s through online sales, phone-in leads, or even foot traffic to your retail store – earning a high search ranking on Google is probably your most important first step. However, a lot of business owners find search engine optimization to be technical and overwhelming. They want to bring visitors to their pages, but aren’t sure where to start.

That’s why today we’re going to provide a simple, seven-step process you can follow to make your site more visible and dominate your competitors on Google…

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#1 Begin With a Website Audit

As the old saying goes, you can’t get to where you’re going until you know exactly where you are. A website audit gives you a way to evaluate the search visibility of your site, analyze incoming traffic patterns, and spot any technical issues that might be holding you back on Google. It’s the perfect first step to figuring out what you have now and chart a path forward.

#2 Make Keyword Research a Priority

It’s not enough to simply rank highly on Google. To make search engine optimization work for you, you have to have visitors finding you for the right search terms. That’s where intensive keyword research comes in, helping you to identify the phrases customers use to find companies like yours when they are serious about buying.

#3 Perform On-Site Optimization

Google pays a lot of attention to certain items on your pages, namely titles, headlines, and internal links. By having an expert help you optimize these details for search visibility, you can give your website an immediate search engine boost. With just a little bit of work, you could have more visitors finding their way to your company every day.

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#4 Keep New Content Coming

Google loves fresh content that is uniquely tailored to your business or industry. So, once you’ve identified the keywords you need to target and optimize your site, the next thing to do is post material to your blog regularly. In almost every market, the companies with the best Google rankings are the ones that have established as content publishers month after month.

#5 Emphasize Local Search

More and more, search engine optimization is becoming localized. That’s great because it means you have a built-an advantage over bigger competitors who might not operate in your specific neighborhood. By adding geographic terms to your website, you could very quickly, easily, and affordably open up a stream of new targeted visits to your website.

#6 Make Your Site Faster and More Reliable

Google can bring you searchers, but it can’t keep them on your website for you. To do that, you have to provide a clean, quick, and reliable user experience. That usually involves upgrading your web hosting plan and adding SSL capability to your pages. Luckily, these upgrades cost you very little and impress search engines and real-life customers alike.

#7 Use Analytics to Boost Results

If you’re doing search engine optimization correctly, your website should get more valuable and efficient over time. That’s because you can refine your content, expand your list of target keywords, and figure out which parts of your website or generating conversions. A good web design team can help you make sense of statistics the analytics coming from site to maximize your profitability going forward.

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7 Steps to Google Domination
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7 Steps to Google Domination
Business owners want to bring visitors to their website, but aren’t sure where to start. Here is a simple, 7 step process to dominate your competitors on Google.
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