5 Signs You’ve Gotten Bad Internet Marketing Advice

We all follow the wrong advice sometimes. Whether it’s in our businesses or our personal lives, each of us has been guilty of ignoring common sense, not knowing all the facts, or believing in something simply because we wanted it to be true. Or, in other cases we can simply be misled by others who aren’t as professional or informed as we think they are, even when they mean well.

That can certainly be the case in Internet marketing, where facts and opinions live side-by-side, and when a winning strategy for one company or website doesn’t always work as well for another. The key to avoiding blunders, then, isn’t just to stay away from the worst advice, but also to be able to recognize when you’re on the wrong path and get things turned around.

Just in case you’ve been pointed in the wrong direction before, and want to start getting more from your Internet marketing budget and efforts, here are five signs you’ve gotten some bad Internet marketing advice:

1. Your website looks terrible or out of date. Granted, “terrible” and “out of date” are subjective terms. Still, you probably have a sense of whether or not your business website is far behind what others in your industry have. If it is, you should have someone urging you to make upgrades and stay competitive.

2. Your pages don’t read like they were written by actual humans. The huge rush towards search engine “optimization” in recent years has led more and more Internet marketers to opt for repetitive, keyword-focused copywriting that appeals to search spiders but not actual buyers. People won’t buy from you if they don’t understand your content, so don’t let this happen to your website.

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3. You have stopped picking up new social media followers or email newsletter subscribers. When potential customers stop paying attention to you, or no longer see you as a source of valuable information and industry insight, you’re already well on the way to decreasing your future sales. It’s important to have fresh, relevant content… and to have customers and prospects reading it.

4. Your Internet marketing plan hasn’t changed in months or years. Regardless of how successful you’ve been in the past, you can’t expect to win new business if you’re always pulling ideas from the same old bag of tricks. Internet marketing is always changing, so it’s important that your campaigns are regularly reshuffled to test new ideas and techniques.

5. You have stopped getting the results you were accustomed to. Once your website stops generating leads, sales, phone calls, etc., changes need to be made, and quickly. The bottom-line results are what matter most, so this should be the one indicator you pay the most attention to.

There’s no shame in figuring out that you’ve been getting bad Internet marketing advice. The important thing is that you recognize the problem and take the steps to create improvements before the situation gets any worse. So, if you think your website and Internet marketing campaigns aren’t generating all that they could be, don’t be afraid to face up to the facts and make changes right away.

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