3 Ways to Grow Your Law Firm

Business is tough, today, and the competition keeps growing with each passing day. Like all other businesses, the growth of legal firms in this hyper-competitive world is a tough job. The growth needs a heart of steel which can persevere in the most trying circumstances and a mind full of creative ideas which can think and come out of all adverse conditions. However, there is still hope for everyone. All you need to do is to follow these three strategies to see a growth in your law firm.

Law Firm Marketing

1. Find a Niche and Develop Your Brand

One of the most common things which people do when they’re trying to grow their law firm is that they accept all kinds of cases which may look good from the onset but the reality is that this actually hinders the growth of the firm.

Not a Jack of All Trades

Regardless of the size of the law firm, there is realistically no way in which a firm can cater to all kinds of legal matters. A law firm which aims for growth should specialize in one area. It has the following benefits:

  • Focused marketing

It is very easy to just keep drifting when your company doesn’t have a focus, and without a focused approach to your marketing, there is hardly a chance that the potential clients will respond in a way in which you want them to respond.

  • Expertise

Every case you take builds on the knowledge you have in that particular area so the more cases you take the more experienced you’ll become in that field. This expertise will ensure that you provide better value to your clients.

  • Reputation

When you become more expert in a field, you perform better on the court and these things travel in the legal community. Your reputation brings you bigger and better clients.

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Choosing a specific field of expertise only decreases the type of cases your firm gets, it certainly makes up for more than what it takes.

Craft Yourself a Brand

One of the first things people notice and recognize is the brand of a business, examples of these can be found in all walks of our lives whether it is a Cola company or a smartphone manufacturer. Modern businesses make money from their brand value.

One of the most important things to keep in mind when crafting a brand is to ensure consistency. It should be visible in all your promotional materials and business logos.

2. Make Smart Investments in Marketing

Lawyers understand law but marketing is something foreign for them and so it is here that the majority of them faces difficulties. Even though it is a tough job but good marketing can make a world of difference for the growth of any legal firm.

What is Smart Marketing?

At the simplest level, marketing is the set of techniques and actions which introduce your products or businesses to a wider audience. Smart marketing is the most effective use of your limited resources. Usually, smart marketing has three prominent characteristics. It is usually highly directed at particular segments of the society, it is the best value for money and it is driven by data.

The smart market is active, it starts with a basic strategy the results of which are then analyzed to make changes or improvements in the next steps.

Steps in Creating a Smart Marketing Plan

These are the multiple steps involved in the creation of a smart marketing plan:

  • Identify your audience

Identifying the right audience for a law firm involves answering different questions like the age of the potential clients, their level of education and their legal needs.

  • Be Always Present

After the right audience has been identified, the next step is to be present where they spend their time. This could be newspapers for older people and the internet, especially social media, for the younger generation.

  • Develop Connections

People respond to real people, not brochures and leaflets. The marketing efforts should focus on presenting you in a human form. The marketing efforts should be built around stories from real life which people can relate with.

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Use Social Media as a Marketing Tool

In this world where the internet is the medium of connection, there are very few people who don’t use social media to connect with their friends and family. If you have identified your target audience, there is the very high probability of its presence on the social media.

Social Media is your biggest weapon if used properly. You must use your Twitter and Facebook accounts to engage with your potential clients and this needs to be done on daily basis. Keeping a healthy interaction can get new clients and it can also get you more clients by word of mouth if you’re providing something of value to your followers.

The important thing to keep in mind about social media is that building an audience here will take a lot of effort and practice but you’ll surely get there. The important thing is to keep trying, the rest will fall into its place.

3. Deliver Great Experience

More and more businesses are understanding the value of delivering a great experience to the clients. Your clients can go to anyone for the solution of their legal problems but delivering them a good experience is what is going to bring them back to you.

One Step at a Time

There are things which grow with time, it is the same with the growth of legal firms as well. When you give a great customer service to your clients, it builds and grows your business when they spread the news of your service to their contacts.

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There are people who give the impression that growing a legal firm is a Herculean task and needs a large number of resources dedicated towards the growth of the business but this is simply not true. All it needs to grow your legal firm is a plan and the dedication to implementing the plan.

The entire discussion can be summarized in these points:

  1. Find a niche and develop your brand
  2. Make smart investments in marketing to connect with your audience
  3. Provide top-notch customer service

The growth of the law firm is a simple process, the problems one can face in the process have more to do with sticking with the plans rather than anything else. If you have the will and the desire to grow your business than following these steps is a relatively simple process.

And as always, your feedback, questions or potential project ideas are welcome.

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The growth of legal firms in this hyper-competitive world is a tough job. Follow these three strategies to see a growth in your law firm.
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