3 Things Too Many Business Owners Don’t Understand About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine algorithms are a bit like the tax code: You have to stay on the right side of them to succeed and keep your company out of trouble, but most business owners don’t understand them as well as they would like.

In fact, for all of the ambitious entrepreneurs we meet who want to enjoy the huge benefits that come with a high search engine ranking (like a steady 24/7 flow of qualified buyers), too many of them have big misunderstandings about the SEO process. And unfortunately, the things they don’t know can hurt them, especially since they can lead to bad decisions.

To help you avoid making the same mistakes, here are three things too many business owners don’t understand about search engine optimization:

1. It’s not something you do once. Search engine optimization isn’t so much an activity as it is a process. Lots of business owners think it’s simply a matter of “getting the top spot on Google.” That’s certainly a good goal, but even smaller, incremental improvements can lead to better profitability, and keeping a top position requires lots of ongoing optimization and fresh content, anyway.

2. A successful search campaign is actually a combination of many smaller campaigns. Even that “top spot on Google” is something of a myth. Why? Because most businesses don’t have the luxury of concentrating on a single keyword or phrase – there are lots of them to emphasize. That means you have separate smaller campaigns for each one, and they probably won’t all be equally successful, at least not in the beginning.

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3. Good SEO is about more than traffic. Usually, the main yardstick of search engine optimization success is the number of new visits to your business website from Google, Yahoo, and Bing. That’s a decent starting point, but ultimately your focus should be on conversions (in terms of sales or leads) more than traffic. Sometimes, that means shifting your attention to lower volume keywords that happen to convert visitors into customers at a higher rate.

The one other thing you can’t ever forget about search engine optimization is that, when it’s done right, it’s highly profitable. So, keep these three things in mind and use them to find customers that your competitors can’t.

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