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3 Things Low End Web Designers Really Want You to Believe

Do you remember the old days of used car lots? If you have never been through the experience, buying from these operations used to be a real adventure. Not only was it next to impossible to figure out what you are actually getting for your money, but you had to contend with the fact that slick salesman would have said just about anything to get you to write a check and sign your name on the dotted line.

Can you see where were going with this?

In recent years, having a great small business website has become one of the things you need to do just to stay in business, almost like a Yellow Pages ad was in decades past. That’s a great thing a lot of ways, since it brings you much greater exposure to hundreds or thousands of customers, but it’s also brought some less than reputable “web designers” out of the woodwork. Lots of them are happy to tell you whatever you want here, so they can take your money and move on to the next client.

Here are three things low-end web designers really, really want you to believe is true:

That small business web templates are just as good as custom websites.

Designing a small business site from scratch is hard work; filling in a few blanks on a template is a lot faster and more convenient. So why do we bother to do things the tough way? Because a custom-built website doesn’t just look better, it meets your online marketing needs while helping you to bring in new customers in advance your business goals. As with most parts of life and business, there aren’t any shortcuts to excellence.

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That your small business website will never need service or revisions.

Even the best small business site needs an update now and again, but a lot of low end web design companies don’t include these in their bids, because it helps them keep prices low. Rest assured, you will need some help with your site at some point, and if it isn’t built into your initial agreement, you’ll end up paying more for later.

That adding a shopping cart or registration form will bring in orders automatically.

Online marketing – the process of bringing new customers and your company through your website – doesn’t happen without some serious effort. You need to have the basics, like a shopping cart or lead registration form, but those are only the beginning. Make sure your web design team has a plan for all the things that need to happen after your website launch.

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3 Things Low End Web Designers Really Want You to Believe
Designing a small business site from scratch is hard work. A custom-built website doesn't just look better, it meets your online marketing needs much better.
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