3 Reasons Why You Must Have A Mobile Friendly Website


Mobile usage has escalated enormously in the past few years. In fact many experts stated that 2015 was the year of mobiles. Google also announced that Mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches. And it is estimated that nearly 75% of the US population now owns a smartphone.

All these statistics clearly indicate how crucial it has become to have a mobile marketing strategy. Despite that, many B2B marketers are still uninterested in adding mobile marketing to their overall marketing efforts. If you are one of them, then read the following three reasons & you will be able to figure out why you need to embrace mobile….NOW!

1 Mobile influences your overall marketing efforts.

Many experts were predicting that Mobilegeddon will turn the digital marketing world upside down. But it didn’t happen as Mobilegeddon did affect digital marketing, but not to a drastic extent. But still a B2B marketer is taking significant & fundamental risks by not opting for a mobile-friendly website.

Be informed that if you will not provide a solid mobile experience then you will face the following:

  • A massive drop in organic ranking.
  • A huge loss in mobile site traffic.
  • An enormous increase in bounce rate.

By providing less than optimal mobile experience you’re imperilling the visibility & traffic of your website.

2 Mobile-friendly websites boost customer engagement & loyalty.

Mobile-friendly websites not only boost the visibility & drive traffic to your website, but also increase customer loyalty. Below are the facts from a Google study on what users expect from a mobile website:

  • 74% said that they will most likely return to a website if it is mobile friendly.
  • 48% people get annoyed if a company doesn’t have a mobile friendly website.
  • 52% will not even engage with a website that offers poor mobile experience.
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These dramatic statistics show why having a mobile-friendly website has become an absolute must.

3 B2B decision makers are using mobile more often than ever.

Business buyers solely rely on the internet for their research & selection process, & they mostly use mobile for the same.

Recently Google joined hands with Millward Brown Digital to find out the purchase & research habits of B2B decision makers. Below are the findings from the study:

  • 42% B2B researchers use mobile for purchasing.
  • Google has reported a massive 3X growth in mobile searches.
  • Mobile is being used not only outside but also inside the workplace. A whopping
  • 49% researches prefer mobile even while at work.

You must understand that these days your customers, prospects & buyers are all using mobile more often than ever. They are not only researching, but making crucial business decisions as well.

Where to start

To determine the current mobile experience that your website is offering, take the following two steps:

  • Evaluate & boost your Mobile PageSpeed.
  • Understand & employ Mobile Design Best Practices.

Along with the PageSpeed Score, Google will also provide recommendations on what you must fix to enhance the mobile experience.

For instance: To boost the page load speed, you may need to leverage browser caching, enable compression, optimize pictures & avert landing page redirects.

And to improve your mobile design use readable font sizes, simplify the navigation & avert plugins.

Why you must opt for a mobile- friendly website:

  • Your search ranking might suffer if you don’t.
  • 80% of internet users are using smartphones to search & buy.
  • A great mobile experience has become a prerequisite to engage prospects & drive sales & leads.
  • The decision makers are now using smartphones across all phases of the buy cycle.
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So, if you haven’t been focusing on improving your mobile experience, you’d better prioritize it. Now!

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3 Reasons Why You Must Have A Mobile Friendly Website
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3 Reasons Why You Must Have A Mobile Friendly Website
Mobile usage has escalated enormously in the past few years. Google also announced that Mobile searches have surpassed desktop searches.
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