3 Reasons a Responsive Website Can Be Worth the Investment

Responsive business websites are a fantastic innovation, and one that can lead to all kinds of improvements in a company’s Internet marketing campaigns.

Scalable With Responsive Web Design

If you aren’t that familiar with the concept, here is how responsive website works: When a visitor comes to your pages, it interacts with software on your site to find the best display size and menu options for that particular user. So, your layout actually “responds” to desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, tablets, and other web-ready devices to ensure that every customer gets the best possible experience.

In that way, a responsive business website can replace multiple web presences (for example, a traditional business website and a mobile version), making it much easier and cost-effective to maintain. But, as with all things in life, there is a cost associated with responsive web design and programming. Even though it isn’t likely to put a huge dent in your marketing budget, it’s still worth asking whether a responsive website is worth the investment or not.

In our experience, it almost always is. Here are three of the most important reasons why you want a responsive website:

  1. You might win a better search position. Numerous studies have shown that Google prefers responsive websites and will often prioritize them within its search engine results. That’s because responsive sites are less likely to disappoint visitors who are coming via smartphones and tablets (and as a result, are more likely to keep using Google in the future). So, if you want all the traffic you can get, moving to a responsive web design is a good first start.
  1. It could be good for your local marketing. It’s no secret that smartphones and tablets are everywhere these days, and that customers are using them to find local businesses to frequent. Plus, having a responsive web design can make it easier for you to distribute and follow up on other forms of local marketing like QR codes and text-only email newsletters.
  1. You’ll get better value if you’re upgrading your website anyway. A lot of the companies we work with make a point of updating their website every few years or so just to keep up with (or stay ahead of) their closest competitors. If you’re looking at adding new features or a fresh layout anyway, why not get the most value for your money and make your next design a responsive one?
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Responsive business websites aren’t just the future of Internet marketing, they are also the best way to leverage the website you have now. If you want more customers, and a layout that millions of smartphone users can take advantage of, now is the perfect time to make the switch.

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3 Reasons a Responsive Website Can Be Worth the Investment
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3 Reasons a Responsive Website Can Be Worth the Investment
Responsive business websites can lead to all kinds of improvements in a company’s Internet marketing campaigns including approval by Google.
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