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2017 SSL Critical Update

Google wants everything on the web to be traveling over a secure channel. That’s why starting this month your Chrome browser will flag unencrypted websites as insecure, displaying a red “x” over a padlock in the URL bar.

But HTTPS doesn’t just protect user data, it also ensures that the user is really connecting to the right site and not an imposter one. This is important because setting up a fake version of a website users normally trust is a favorite tactic of hackers and malicious actors. HTTPS also ensures that a malicious third party can’t hijack the connection and insert malware or censor information.

Google already signaled its preference for HTTPS websites when it called for HTTPS to be “everywhere” on the web during its 2014 I/O conference, and when it announced that it would rank encrypted sites higher in search results. But the internet giant is far from the only big player on the web pushing for more HTTPS. Mozilla and Apple have both indicated that they want more web encryption. And even the US government has taken important steps in that direction, requiring all .gov websites to be HTTPS by default before the end of 2016.

With this upcoming change in Chrome, Google makes it clear that the web of the future should all be encrypted, and all sites should be served over HTTPS, which is essentially a secure layer on top of the usual HTTP web protocol.

In case you’re not familiar with SSL, it’s a type of encryption which prevents any communications between the visitor and the site from being read or forged by a 3rd party.

So, in other words, visitors on SSL secured sites are protected from hackers trying to their steal passwords or credit card data.

This is why you MUST add SSL certificates to any of your websites not currently secured with them. Ignore this warning at your peril, because visitors arriving at non-secured sites via the Chrome browser will begin seeing this:

Chrome SSL Warning

And when they do, they won’t be sticking around long enough to enter their passwords…and they’ll be even less likely to enter their credit card information!  Don’t have a login or take credit cards online?  It does not matter.  Google is looking for the SSL regardless.

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Which means income from your non-SSL secured sites is about to take a significant hit.

And if you think for a moment you can ignore this warning because few visitors use the Chrome browser, think again. Chrome is reported as by far the most popular browser by a number of sources.

Browser Usage Share

Just consider one date: October 21, 2016. Practically half the internet was shut down in a MAJOR attack.

On That Single Day, MILLIONS Of Dollars In Online Sales Were Disrupted

Major sites including Twitter, Spotify, Reddit, CNN, PayPal, Amazon and MANY more were completely out of service for hours. Not to mention authority news sites like The NY Times and The Wall Street Journal.

Think Hackers Are Only After Huge Companies? Think Again …
YOUR Money Sites Are At Risk Every Single Day!

Taken from Symantec’s 2016 Internet Security Threat Report:

“Attackers are exploiting any vulnerability they can to compromise websites and commandeer their host servers … Attackers target both large and small businesses … If there is profit to be made, attackers strike at will”

Symantec Security Report

How Can A Hacker Profit From Your Website?

In many ways

  • By stealing the contact information of your subscribers
  • By redirecting your traffic to their own
  • By replacing your affiliation links (Avvo as an example) with their own

And more recently, with ransomware!


Imagine – a visitor comes to YOUR site and within seconds has their computer shut-down … and is told to pay to get a passcode to unlock their computer.

That, friends, is the end of your online reputation if it happens to you.

Hackers are ALWAYS testing the web for weakness. They practice – on servers like yours and mine – every day. If they find a vulnerability, they’ll jump in and do everything they can to steal your online assets.

WordPress Sites Are HIGHLY Targeted By Attackers

According to Securi’s Website Hacked Trend Report, in the first half of 2016 FOUR out of FIVE hacked sites were based on WordPress. There’s never been a MORE important time to secure your WP sites and servers.

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Time For Some Good News!

As a marketer and consultant for many years, I manage hundreds of profitable websites for both myself and clients.

Many years ago I personally had sites hacked and saw firsthand the damage it did to my business.

I discovered that locking down my server and sites from attack came with an amazing bonus:

Improved Security = HUGE Increase In Site Speed, Conversions and business!

Once your server is secured against potential attacks,  everything gets better:

  • No bad traffic can suck up your bandwidth and cost you hundreds in hosting overage charges
  • Your sites load MUCH faster for legitimate traffic – interested visitors see your offers and can act on them quicker than ever
  • Your content AND the private information of your subscribers remains protected and secure
  • Faster sites translate to lower bounce rates, improved SEO and higher conversions

Don’t Want To Pay Hundreds Per Month On Web Security Solutions?

We Offer A Total WordPress Security System (WPSS)

  • Your sites will load faster, increasing conversions
  • Your bounce rates will decrease, meaning higher SEO scores

So you get more QUALITY traffic combined with higher conversion rates. Without paying any extra for traffic OR forking out big bucks for ongoing security services.

  • Secure your server against bad bot traffic, page scrapers and  hacking attempts at the server level
  • Enjoy optimal website load times
  • Prevent excess bandwidth overage charges
  • Increase SEO scores
  • Reduce visitor bounce rate
  • Increase conversions
  • Ensure your site stays online
  • Protect your leads, subscriber details, current AND future income

Not Sure If WordPress Security System Is For You?
Ask Yourself ANY Of These Questions:

  • Do you own a WP site that collects subscriber information, has outbound association links or collects fees in any way? Then you NEED this to ensure this data is protected.
  • Has your site speed ever been a concern for you? Consider that for every 1 second delay in load time, conversions decreases up to 7% … With WordPress Security System, your site speed is maximized to optimize conversions.
  • Do you want higher conversions from your website? With a faster site and lower bounce rates, your site will rank higher in the engines for MORE traffic without paying for it
  • Concerned about securing your subscriber information? With ransomware growing, it’s more important than ever to protect the identity of your subscribers so they’re not blasted with fraudulent offers or hacked with ransomware, leaving you open to fines, suits and complete loss of online reputation
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Are you ready to secure your WordPress site?

For an annual fee of $499 you receive:

  • a 2048-bit security certificate and installation
  • security plugins and updates
  • and 12 months of cloud-based hosting
  • AMP compliance-As an added bonus, we will make your WordPress AMP compliant.  AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages.  AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is a new web language created by Google to make websites load faster on iPhones, Androids, and other smartphones. Originally aimed at news websites and blogs, AMP is a stripped down version of standard HTML and JavaScript that better optimizes websites by prioritizing content loading and prearranging photos.

    Why is being AMP compliant important?  Because Google will be, if not already, prioritizing sites that are AMP compliant in their mobile search results.  You want to be ahead of your competition?  Now is the time.

This is a small price to pay to protect your site and your visitors.  You will reap the benefits in all the ways mentioned above-faster site loading, higher ranking on desktop and mobile search, more conversions, and knowing your site is secure from.

Contact us today for a security evaluation at 855-943-8736 or email

We can get you started with a faster loading, Google friendly site that can boost your search ranking and increase your click through rates.

2017 SSL Critical Update
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2017 SSL Critical Update
Your Chrome browser will flag unencrypted websites as insecure, displaying a red “x” over a padlock in the URL bar. Find out what you can do about it.
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